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Before and now: lived experiences of early warning systems during a flood

It is now the end of 2019 and the year is ending on a happy note for residents of Tuol Dambang village. Yet only a few months ago, community members were worried.  

United Nations Development Programme report first step in developing drought indicators for Cambodia

Between 1987 and 2017, there were six major drought events recorded in Cambodia.  

Measuring human inequalities involves more than income

A complete account of inequality requires that we go beyond differences in income and look at variations in human wellbeing, both today and between generations.  

Cambodia Leaps Ahead, But an Old War Still Preys on the Most Vulnerable

Cambodia’s rapid growth in the past decade has been stunning. Towering buildings, gleaming store windows and busy markets across Phnom Penh obscure signs that some 20 years ago, the country had just…  

Sustaining natural resources for all

If you live in or close to a city, chances are you don’t venture much into a forest. This is the case for most people in the world today.  

In Cambodia, media professionals are preparing for a new moment in the digital transition

The news and media ecosystems in Cambodia are still in their nascent stage. Several fundamental issues – financial, legal, and professional – need to be addressed in order to nurture the…  

Climate Change, Cambodia and Canals: Learn How Communities in Kampong Thom are Persevering in the Face of Drought and Flooding

Historically, the devastation from flooding and drought has been sporadic. For example, in 1984, flooding destroyed approximately 400,000 hectares of land in Cambodia. Meanwhile, in 2002, land…  

Helping Communities Find a Balance: Canal Project is Promoting Economic Growth and Sustainable Agricultural Development

Communities in Kampong Thom province are on the frontlines in the battle against the climate crisis. Despite social and economic growth in this region of Cambodia, erratic drought and flooding have…  

Knowledge is Power in Rural Cambodia: Here’s How an Agricultural Program is Changing Lives in Siem Reap Province

Education is a fundamental component to alleviating poverty. In rural communities throughout Siem Reap province, an ongoing educational program is empowering Cambodians and improving livelihoods.…  

“We need timely information”: When floods are normal, warning is critical

It is the middle of August and villagers in the Boeung Pruol commune are getting concerned – after a drought in the earlier half of the year, a lack of rain has meant that annual flooding has not yet…  

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