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COVID-19: Looming crisis in developing countries threatens to devastate economies and ramp up inequality

New York – The growing COVID-19 crisis threatens to disproportionately hit developing countries, not only as a health crisis in the short term but as a devastating social and economic crisis over the…  

Cassava’s new gateway to global markets

National Road 10 was once a dream road. The proposed 189 km route would connect the Tonle Sap Lake region to the Southern Coastal Corridor and promised improvements in the flow of goods between…  

Why smart systems need local heroes

When you think about measuring climate change or forecasting the next big flood or drought, one might assume high-tech equipment being part of the process. In most instances, that is the case. But not…  

Three women changing the game for Cambodia’s next generation of girls

As we look towards building an equal generation, we need voices and initiatives that can spark action. We need innovation to accelerate the speed of development, in both new and existing…  

Commemoration of the National Mine Awareness Day

All people have the right to live in security, and not fear their next step. Mine action clears paths and creates safe ground on which homes can be built and land can be farmed.  

The Launching of “SHE Incubator and Accelerator Program”

The Royal Government of Cambodia has recognized the importance of entrepreneurs’ vital roles in promoting and sustaining economic growth in the country. It is seen as a source of economic…  


Phnom Penh, 20 January 2019: While the speed, dynamics and complexity of today’s development challenges are fundamentally different from previous eras in history, we have only 10 years to accelerate…  

Before and now: lived experiences of early warning systems during a flood

It is now the end of 2019 and the year is ending on a happy note for residents of Tuol Dambang village. Yet only a few months ago, community members were worried.  

United Nations Development Programme report first step in developing drought indicators for Cambodia

Between 1987 and 2017, there were six major drought events recorded in Cambodia.  

Measuring human inequalities involves more than income

A complete account of inequality requires that we go beyond differences in income and look at variations in human wellbeing, both today and between generations.  

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