Strengthening Democracy Programme

Project summary

The UNDP Strengthening Democracy Programme (SDP) is gearing toward strengthening both formal and informal mechanisms for dialogues, representation and participation in democratic governance.  

SDP works toward promoting increased participation in democratic decision making as well as supporting national and sub-national institutions to be more accountable and responsive to the needs and rights of all people living in Cambodia through achieving two major outputs: 1) increased interaction with citizens and accountability of elected bodies and authorities through strengthened democratic processes and practices at national and sub-national levels; and 2) strengthening civil society, media and political parties as conduits for citizens’ participation in democratic processes and decision making. 

Key achieved results

  • A total of 37 TV magazines, 114 radio shows (by 31 March 2014), 9 TV spots and 9 radio spots broadcast on CTN, MYTV and Radio Station FM103 were aired to mobilize youth participation in civic life and to raise awareness about women’s day, resulted in enhanced awareness and greater civic engagement among young people.
  • Production and broadcast of 43 shows with diverse topics including commune elections in 2012, voter registration and voter list revision for 2013 national elections, traffic accidents, land disputes, land mine victims, impact of extractive industries, child rights and sexual abuse, environmental pollution and climate change, migrant workers’ rights violation at Thai border and Malaysia, dengue fever epidemic and disaster management, etc.
  • Supported three Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with grants to Cambodia Disable People Organization (CDPO), Khmer Youth Association (KYA)/Cambodia Indigenous Youth Association (CIYA), and Building Community Voices (BCV), to launch civic/voter education campaigns aiming at raising awareness of their rights to vote and at promoting community media.
  • Supported the National and Impartial Committee for Fair and Free Elections (NICFEC) to launch a successful civic/voter education campaign to raise awareness of voter registration and voter list revision among garment workers.   
  • Completion of the capacity assessment of Working Group for Partnership in Decentralization (WGPD)
  • Supported the capacity development of BC (Bandanh Chaktomuk) as an effective community network.

Contributing donors

Donor Amount
Oxam America US$27,633.96
HIV/Thematic Trust Fund

Delivery in 2013

The delivery in 2013 was US$1,834,524.

Main activities

  • Delivering youth civic education campaign through multi-media platform programmes and community outreach activities (Loy9)
  • Producing and broadcasting fair and balanced current affairs through equity news on TVK
  • Empowering CSOs working in the areas of democratic governance through building of their capacities and enhancing their role in democratic space
  • Developing approaches to enfranchising and empowering indigenous and marginalized groups through community media and civil society organizations
  • Strengthening citizens participation in electoral process through civic/voter education with special focus on marginalized population
  • Needs assessment and Capacity Development Strategy of MSM network

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