Mine Action for Human Development (CfRIII-MAfHD)

Project summary

UNDP works with the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA) to promote greater efficiency, accountability and ensuring that clearance resources support development priorities. Building on the success of the previous two phases, Clearing for Results phase III: Mine Action for Human Development (2016-2019) aims to further enhance CMAA role in regulating the mine action sector with the following key deliverables: 

  • Align mine action policies and strategic frameworks to national and sub-national sectorial policies and planning strategies,
  • Develop and manage a CMAA mine action performance monitoring system that delivers quality evidence linking mine action and sustainable development outcomes/impact; and
  • Release at least 50 square kilometers[1] of the total mine/ERW contaminated areas in Cambodia for human development.

[1] Includes 20 square kilometers released through Land Reclamation Non-Technical Survey


(March 2016-September 2017) 

  • Supported the development of the National Mine Action Strategy (NMAS 2018-2025). NMAS is being translated for the review by the Office of the Council of Ministers.
  • Development of Performance Monitoring System is progressing aiming at finalizing it by end of 2017.
  • Released 4.8 square kilometers through land reclamation non-technical survey contracts. Released 14.8 square kilometers through clearance contracts which removed 2,498 anti-personnel mines, 62 anti-tank mines, and 4,592 items of explosive remnants of war (ERW) that benefited 31,003 people of which 15,925 are females, 258 people with disabilities and 440 students. 

(March 2016-April 2017)

  • Supported the development of the National Mine Action Strategy (NMAS 2018-2025). A draft was presented for consultation with all stakeholders in April 2017.
  • Reached 6,688 families (29,753 girls, boys, women and men (15,318 women and 241 people with disabilities) through the release of 11.52 square kilometers of land Clearance operations removed and destroyed 1,916 anti-personnel mines, 59 anti-tank mines and 3,618 items of explosive remnants of war.
  • Developed the concept note for the national mine action Performance Monitoring System; completed the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; and completed the Evaluation of Gender Mainstreaming in Mine Action 2013-2015

Contributing donors

Donor name Amount contributed per year
DFAT (Australia) US$6.5 million USD
SDC (Switzerland)

US$3.5 million USD

UNDP US$2,19,355 USD

Delivery in previous fiscal year

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Donor name Amount contributed per year
DFAT (Australia) $ 10,369,247.82
SDC (Switzerland) $ 3,740,000.00
UNDP $ 2,017,252.44

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