Cambodian Mine Action Sector Briefing Paper Series | Baseline Survey, Non-Technical Survey, and Technical Survey

May 31, 2021

During a conflict, the pattern of distribution and the reasoning behind the placement of landmines is easy to see. When the conflict ends, soldiers leave, but landmines remain in the ground. As time passes, the location of landmines becomes less obvious, and with that, the fear in the returning population increases. Accidents frequently occur, leading people to often avoid vast areas, including areas that are actually safe. This briefing paper aims to provide the reader with a better understanding of different methodology being implemented in the mine action sector in Cambodia, including Baseline Survey, Non-Technical Survey, and Technical Survey processes, to complement traditional clearance activities and enable surveying of suspected hazardous areas to quickly identify and eliminate safe areas from the risk picture and allow time and resources to be mobilized to areas of real need.

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