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Human Development Report 2019: Sustaining Natural Resources for All

Cambodia has made great strides over the last three decades, transitioning to peace, transforming livelihoods and realizing striking gains in socioeconomic development.  

Harnessing the Solar Energy Potential in Cambodia

Since 2010, Cambodia’s GDP has grown at an average of 7% each year, but its demand for electricity has grown even faster averaging around 20% per year. To power this growth, Cambodia has installed…  


This report finds that the potential returns to public investments in cassava are substantial, with the economic benefits outstripping costs by a factor of up to three to one over a ten-year period.  

From Surviving to Thriving: The Women of Tuol Mtes Define Their Mine-Free Future

Yuth Voung said she left her village in Battambang province to survive. Migrating to Tuol Mtes, Koas Krala district, in 2000, Yuth, along with her husband and young children, worked mine-contaminated…  

Today's Challenges and Yesterday's Traumas: How Cambodia is Moving Forward to a Mine-Free Nation

The quaint village of Ou Chheu Kram is nestled between lush rice fields bordering Thailand. Today, the growing community is a picturesque illustration of Cambodia’s prosperity. Agricultural expansion…  

Addressing Climate Change Impacts on Economic Growth in Cambodia

Cambodia has made a remarkable achievement of sustaining a robust and inclusive economic growth of around 7.9% per annum over the last two decades. The rapid growth has substantially contributed to…  

CAMBODIA: De-risking Renewable Energy Investment

For nearly two decades, the National Strategic Development Plan, now guided by Rectangular Strategy Phase IV (RS4), has committed to enhancing Cambodia’s robust levels of socio-economic development.  

Women in demining: breaking barriers to serve with a purpose in Cambodia

Cambodia suffered through decades of civil conflict, resulting in a high number of casualties by landmines or other explosive remnants of war. Efforts to clear these mines have been intensive –…  

Leading the Way for Gender Equality: Cambodia's Commitment to Advance Equality

Most Cambodians continue to maintain biased ideologies on domesticity. According to a UN national survey, 92 percent of females and 82 percent of males believe that a woman’s most important role is to…  

The Untapped Potential of Cambodian Women: My Conversation with University Students on Gender Equality

Cambodia has made progress on closing the nation’s gender gap in recent years, but deeply rooted gender inequalities and gender roles remain evident. According to official data in Cambodia, women fall…  

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