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Asian Vision Institute SDG Dialogue

The Cambodian SDGs, under the Royal Government’s guidance, have been tailored to the country’s needs and expanding, adding a critical 18th SDG – a landmine free Cambodia, due by 2025 – a subject that…  

Reflection Workshop on Inclusive Commune Investment Plan

I am honoured to welcome you to today’s Reflection Workshop on the Inclusive Commune Investment Plan initiative, which seeks to ensure the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the planning,…  

Solar off-grid at Sok An Phnom Kulen Orchid Research and Conservation Center in Kulen National Park

Today we are demonstrating by way of a pilot some steps that can be practically taken in the direction of attaining universal energy access, and contributing to Cambodia SDG 7 on access to clean and…  

Project Closing Workshop Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning System

Our project is not only about installing hardware. We worked in setting up a hydro-meteorological platform, capable of managing the data from the stations in Cambodia, including data generated from…  

Biodiversity Expenditure Review and Financial Needs Assessment

Biodiversity provides fundamental goods and services to our live and global economy. It is a life supporting safety nets for human beings, such as provision of food, clean water, air, energy, incomes,…  

National Circular Economy Strategy and Action Plan

Good morning. I am delighted to join this important consultation workshop to review and discuss the draft of the "Circular Economy Strategy and Action Plan".  

Commemoration of the National Mine Awareness Day

All people have the right to live in security, and not fear their next step. Mine action clears paths and creates safe ground on which homes can be built and land can be farmed.  

National Dialogue on Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities

It is a great honour for me to join you at this National Dialogue on Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities, which involves a range of stakeholders, including government ministries, disabled…  

National Forum on Action Against Plastic Waste in Cambodia

It is my pleasure to welcome all to this national forum on plastic. First and foremost, l, I would like to congratulate the Ministry of Environment and the National Council for Sustainable…  

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

It is a great honour for me to be here today to join with you to celebrate the 21st National Day of Persons with Disabilities and the 37th International Day of Persons with Disabilities.  

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