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Counting the Cost of COVID to Cambodia’s Informal Workers

When COVID-19 hit the country in February 2020, UNDP Accelerator Labs in Cambodia in collaboration with the country Economic Team rolled out tracking surveys to assess the current and future…  

Innovation for Local Administration

The objective of the civic engagement project is to promote democratic governance initiatives and a peaceful, inclusive, and equitable society through expanding opportunities for inclusive civic…  

Water, Water Everywhere, But not a Drop to Drink!

As we mark the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought – let’s explore how Innovations in digital technology, along with some harsh lessons from past disasters – are improving the way we…  

Why It is Important to Act Now on Medical Waste Management

For a country with relatively low COVID-19 cases per capita for the majority of 2020, Cambodia did not have to worry too much about the medical waste that came from its hospitals. However, proper…  

Doing Development Differently

A mission to connect social innovation with development expertise has provided Accelerator Labs Cambodia an opportunity to learn what works and what does not and, importantly, what is needed to solve…  

Freedom to move: How the new driving license prakas opens opportunities for me and other persons with disabilities

As a person with a disability, my right to travel, along with the rights of other persons with disabilities, has been restricted by the inability to use modified vehicles without any specific…  

Cambodia’s human development path in the new Age of Humans

On its 30th anniversary, UNDP’s new Human Development Report (HDR) has introduced for the first time the concept of the “Anthropocene” at the centre of the human development debate  

My first time to hear about the Marrakesh Treaty – What is it really?

I was introduced to the Marrakesh Treaty for the first time when UNDP’s Regional Advisor presented it at the National Reflection Workshop on the National Disability Strategic Plan 2014-2018, in 2018  

‘These Ideas Are Brave’: Exchange Visit Shifts Perspectives of Agriculture Leaders

Participants of the exchange visit were tangibly excited as they gathered around big blue tanks, filming the contents on their phones. Inside the chambers, they watched how hundreds of fish were…  

How COVID-19 taught us to turn our office upside down

Organizations that didn’t grasp early on that the arrival of COVID-19 meant they needed to change the way they worked have struggled during the pandemic. For UNDP Cambodia this lesson came early on.  

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