With economic growth, Cambodia has been on an upward trend in electricity demand, which further increased in 2020 during the pandemic by 6%. This raises a red alert knowing that the country has comparatively high electricity price among ASEAN countries. Moreover, in 2019, large parts of Cambodia had to endure massive daily power outages due to extended dry weather
Energy efficiency is one of these climate actions that also deliver immediate economic and financial benefits. Reducing energy footprint and energy consumption saves money that could be invested at the country level but also at the consumer’s level elsewhere...
This report, examines the challenges and opportunities of the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies in established manufacturing sectors, such as garment, textiles, footwear and agro-processing; and emerging industries, such as bicycles, electronics and automotive
The Innovation Challenge calls for applications from all passionate and environmentally conscious individuals, youth groups, local NGOs, community-based organizations, event organizers, and private firms to apply...
Small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) play a significant role in the recovery, vitalization, and development of national economies because they create job opportunities, reduce inequality, encourage much of the creativity and innovation that fuels economic progress, promote competition and cooperation, and increase productive potential and value-addition.
The worldwide total volume of plastic waste reached 8.3 billion metric tons . Every year, over 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in waterways and eventually in the ocean , disturbing natural ecosystems, endangering wildlife and affecting other associated human activities and livelihoods, such as tourism and recreation, fishing, and navigation
UNDP supports digital transformation of the Department of Geographic Information Service of the Ministry of Environment to leverage advances in information and communication technologies, and cutting-edge science for informed decision-making on natural resources management for people and the planet.

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