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Environmental Governance Reform

The project assists the Royal Government of Cambodia to implement environmental governance reform in order to create an enabling policy and legal environment for conserving and protecting…  

Cambodian Rural Livelihoods

The project aims to improve sub-national administration systems affecting investments in rural livelihoods through climate sensitive planning, budgeting and execution.  

Partnerships for Development Results

Partnerships for Development results works to promote the Royal Government of Cambodia’s development finance management capacities and partnership practices in order to achieve improved development…  

United for Youth Employment in Cambodia

The United Nations Joint Programme supports the implementation of the recently launched National Employment Policy, which intends to increase decent and productive employment opportunities.  

Forest Carbon Partnership Facility REDD+ Readiness Project Ⅱ

The project aims to prepare Cambodia for implementation of REDD+ under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).  

Partnership for Gender Equity Phase IV

The project aims to strengthen the Cambodian Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the national gender machinery to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in Cambodia.  

Early Warning Systems

The project supports the Royal Government of Cambodia in establishing an effective early warning system for the timely preparation for extreme events, as well as climate resilient development…  

Generating, Accessing and Using Information and Knowledge

The project will harmonize existing environmental information systems, integrating internationally accepted measurement standards and methodologies and develop a more consistent reporting on the…  

Disability Rights Initiative Cambodia (DRIC)

The long term goal of the Disability Rights Initiative-Cambodia (DRIC) Programme is the “improved quality of life for persons with disabilities” in Cambodia.  

Cambodia Export Diversification and Expansion Programme II

The project seeks to increase the quality of Cambodia’s cassava production, to improve processing and transformation techniques, to raise the standards of Cambodia’s cassava exporters and their…  

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