Welcome Remarks by Napoleon Navarro, Senior Policy Advisor: Launching “Dream Station” a Reality TV Show

Nov 13, 2017

(Left) Ms. Sreyrong, the featured woman on the first episode, is answering questions from a facilitator (center) of the event and an assistant producer (Right) of the episode | Photo: UNDP Cambodia

Mr. Samuel HURTIG,  Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission, Head of Development Cooperation, Embassy Sweden, Cambodia

Representatives from NEA, MoLVT, MoYES, and embassies

Mr. Sam Miller, Interim Country Director, BBC Media Action

National and International Development partners


Academia, private sectors, youth representatives

Distinguished guests, national and international guests

Ladies and gentlemen


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the launching of “Dream Station”, the first youth reality TV Show of Klahan9.

Dream Station is a part of the Klahan9 multimedia platforms designed by and for young Cambodians who seek decent employment and manage their finance.

Dream Station is produced by our partner, BBC Media Action, the same team behind the hit TV series Loy9, Love9 and Klahan9.

Dream Station shows real lives of young Cambodians seeking for a better future by exploring career paths and negotiating their options with key decision-makers, especially their parents. For example, the first episode features a real life of Ms. Sreyrong, a 21 year-old young “dreamer” from Kandal. Sreyrong dreams of running her own flower business.

Throughout the episode, Sreyrong has to negotiate to win her family’s financial and emotional support and learns that trying to do everything on her own is not always the best way of achieving a goal.

Some of the other “Dreamers” in the new series include a fisherman in Kep, an aspiring fashion designer in Phnom Penh, a basket maker from Kampong Thom, a couple who run a farm in Ratanakiri, and a student from Mondulkiri. Each character will meet experts and role models who will guide them on their journey by equipping them with advice and soft skills.

Klahan9, also known as Multimedia Initiative for Youth project, was initiated in November 2014. The project uses different media learning platforms to help young people to build their self-confidence in making decisions on their career development.

Partnering with BBC Media Action, the project has provided innovative, educational and entertaining programs mainly on three media platforms: radio, TV, and online.

In addition, since there are significant number of youth, especially rural and vulnerable youth groups, who have no or little access to internet or digital devices, the project develops and has run roadshows and partners with the National Employment Agency to reach out to youth and the community. We have run 8 roadshows in Takeo, Kampong Cham, Battambang, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. At the roadshows, young Cambodians have a chance to listen to radio program of Klahan9, followed by interactive discussions, role plays and games.

Development is about enlarging people’s choices. Klahan9 has been working to expand young peoples’ choices, taking advantage of the dynamic economic growth that Cambodia is experiencing. The project, through multi-media platform, aims to contribute to the global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in particular the Sustainable Development Goal No. 8: promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.

This goal cannot be achieved by one institution. It requires active engagement of key stakeholders including the employers, youth themselves, education and learning institutions as well as the Government and the media. The latter has been increasingly influential, particularly among youth and in private sector. Hence, a reason that Dream Station TV Show is here today. It is specifically designed as a platform to share knowledge, to engage and encourage youth to think about their career paths and to help them entering into and outshine in the marketplace.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the Government of Sweden for the financial contribution to the project to help address these emerging issues that young Cambodians are facing. My thanks also go to the BBC Media Action team and the UNDP team for their creativity and innovation, and our partners for the support and cooperation.

Thank you all for coming today.

Please enjoy the new TV series of Klahan9, Dream Station, and we look forward to hearing your feedbacks through social media and other avenues.

Thank you! 

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