Remarks by Napoleon NAVARRO, UNDP Cambodia’s Senior Policy Advisor, at a Signing Ceremony on Cost Sharing Agreement Between UNDP, CMAA and DFAT for Clearing for Results (CFR) Phase III

Jan 12, 2016

Photo: ©Samruol IM/UNDP Cambodia

CMAA Meeting Room, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Your Excellency Prak Sokhonn, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications and 1st Vice President of CMAA

Your Excellency, Serey Kosal, 2nd Vice President of CMAA

Madame Ambassador,

Your Excellency, Prum Sophakmonkol, Secretary-General of the CMAA,

Esteemed colleagues from the Australian Embassy, UNDP, and the CMAA, ladies and gentlemen

I am honored to be here today for the signing of this agreement with the Government of Australia The agreement contributes nine million Australian dollars for the third phase of the Clearing for Results Project in support of mine action in Cambodia, and subsequently the improvement of lives and economic prospects for communities across the country. The Government of Australia has previously contributed over 21.3 million US dollars for Phases One and Two of the Clearing for Results project.

The Clearing for Results Project Phase, III (2016-2019) is a multi-donor initiative implemented by the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA) with technical and financial support from UNDP and other donors. It builds on the successful implementation of the first two phases of the project (CFRI, 2006-2010 and CFRII 2011-2016), during which considerable gains were achieved in building the CMAA’s capacities in the areas of quality assurance, strategic and policy formulation, the socio-economic management of mine clearance and the release of over 183 square kilometres of safe land back to communities. I would like to congratulate the CMAA and donors on these significant achievements.

Building on these successes and the lessons learned from phases one and two, the Clearing for Results Project Phase Three intends to

1.     Clear a minimum of 27 square kilometres of minefields

2.     Continue improving the CMAA’s effectiveness in developing a new National Mine Action Strategy (2017-2025), with the aim for completion of all known contaminated land by end of 2025. Such an admirable target can be achieved but only with the continued support of donors as an estimated total budget of US$338.5 million is required

3.     Develop a performance monitoring system that will provide credible evidence of the contribution of the mine action sector to the sustainable development targets of Cambodia. This is important to show that the mine action sector remains effective, efficient, fit-for-purpose, and provides value- for-money in the release of safe land that improves community access to economic opportunities and growth.

I would like to thank the Government of Australia and its people for their generous contribution to the Clearing for Results projects over the last 10 years and now over an additional 4 years. The project will help Cambodia become a country where women, men and children can live free from the fear of landmines and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW). Taking this opportunity, I would also like to thank all the past and present donors to the programme for their contribution.

Thank you

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