Weaving more effective partnership for development

Nov 14, 2013

SIEM REAP – As Cambodia prepares to transition out of Low Income Country status, fully integrate into ASEAN and set new development goals in 2015, harmonizing national development resources and activities is more important than ever. The Royal Government of Cambodia acknowledges this and as such is in the process of finalizing a new Development Cooperation and Partnerships Strategy for 2014-2018.

On November 13 and 14, development partners and line ministries representatives met in Siem Reap to discuss the effectiveness of Cambodia’s current development cooperation architecture and how it can be improved to best facilitate collaborative implementation of the Government’s priorities.

The draft strategy lays out the achievements, challenges and opportunities that development cooperation in Cambodia has undergone, highlighting the progress that was made under the previous strategy. Global commitments, like those of the 2005 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, the 2008 Accra Accord, and 2011 Busan Partnership for Development Effectiveness are reaffirmed in the new Strategy with renewed determination to work toward these goals together.

The recent economic downturn has seen both a decrease in traditional sources of ODA and a rise of new, non-traditional development partners. This shift introduces new challenges and opportunities that require flexibility and innovation on behalf of the Government as well as the development community. In response, the new Strategy calls for improved efforts to partner with private sector and CSOs, engage with other South countries and align activities under joint results and work plans.

The Strategy also takes into consideration the Rectangular Strategy III and National Strategic Development Plan (2014-2018) to ensure development cooperation efforts are aimed at Cambodia’s top development priorities. The new Partnership Strategy is due to be finalized in early 2014.