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  • 05 Nov 2013
    Cambodia launches strategic blueprint for tackling climate change

    Phnom Penh – Cambodia launched on Tuesday its first-ever climate strategic blueprint aimed at building the country’s resilience to deal with climate-induced natural disasters and promoting low-carbon development in the future. Prime Minister Hun Sen formally unveiled Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan (CCCSP 2014-2023) in the opening ceremony of the 3rd National Forum on Climate Change.

  • 18 Oct 2013
    Cambodia’s first disaster database system unveiled

    Phnom Penh – Cambodia’s first disaster management database is now up and running in time as authorities and development partners are working together to assist the government to respond to the aftermath of the recent flood. The National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) on Wednesday activated the system called Disaster Loss Database (CamDi), which stores information on a range of disaster events: flood, fire, storm, drought, lightening, pest outbreak, riverbank collapse, and epidemic.

  • 19 Sep 2013
    Greater social protection needed for HIV-affected families

    Phnom Penh – Families affected by HIV still remain worse off economically in Cambodia, said a new report, which called for a comprehensive action by the government and development partners alike to prevent this vulnerable group of population from falling deeper into poverty.

  • 08 Aug 2013
    Work underway for Cambodia Human Development Report 2014

    Phnom Penh – The need to improve education quality and develop a skilled work force is the focus of the Cambodia Human Development Report (CHDR) which is planned for release in mid-2014. The report will be titled as “Investing in Human Development on the Road to Inclusive Growth.” Work on it is now underway following a consultation meeting that UNDP held with representatives of the government ministries and development partners on 8 August 2013.

  • 23 Jun 2013
    Building human capital for future growth

    Representatives of the Royal Government of Cambodia and UNDP have met recently to discuss a human capital study titled “Higher Education and Skills Framework for Industrial Transition.” The purpose was to collect feedback from the government counterparts and technical experts on the preliminary findings and key ideas of the study.

  • 06 Jun 2013
    Improving disaster preparedness in Cambodia

    UNDP has provided support for Cambodia’s National Committee for Disaster Management to organize training on the management of data on disaster loss and damage caused by natural disaster. Thirty-five people from various government institutions, UN agencies, development partners and non-governmental organizations took part in the workshop on 4-6 June.

  • 10 May 2013
    Sweden gives new fund for climate change projects

    Phnom Penh –Sweden has provided new grant to support United Nations Development Programme in carrying out projects aimed at improving livelihoods of Cambodian people in rural communities most vulnerable to impacts of climate change.

  • 24 Apr 2013
    Discussion underlines need for Greater gender role in climate change response

    Phnom Penh – In connection to the visit by Ms. Anna Lindstedt, the Swedish Ambassador for Climate Change, the Swedish embassy held, on 24 April, a discussion on gender-related issues in the context of climate change. The objective was to highlight the need for greater effort by policy makers and practitioners alike in integrating gender into strategies to respond to climate change.

  • 25 Mar 2013
    Petroleum policy drafting forges ahead

    Phnom Penh– The Cambodian government says it is forging ahead with the drafting of a crucial policy paper designed to regulate and manage the country’s petroleum sector in the future. The Cambodian National Petroleum Authority (CNPA), on January 11, held a one-day meeting with representatives of relevant ministries, non-governmental organizations and United Nations Development Programme to obtain comments on possible improvement to the draft National Petroleum Policy Framework.

  • 22 Mar 2013
    Scorecards to aid local planning needs

    Phnom Penh– In cooperation with the Ministry of Planning, the United Nations Development Programme has recently held a session with representatives of development partners and non-governmental groups to discuss the use of new local development tools. These tools include scorecard on Cambodia Millennium Development Goals and sectoral scorecards on economic, social, environmental and admin security aspects of local development.

  • 07 Mar 2013
    Sweden joins with UNDP to support multimedia youth project Loy9

    Phnom Penh, 7 March 2013 – The Swedish Embassy to Cambodia signed an agreement with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to provide funding of SEK 7 million to support the multimedia youth project Loy 9. H.E. Anne Höglund, Ambassador of Sweden to Cambodia, and Ms. Setsuko Yamazaki, UNDP Cambodia Country Director, inked the grant agreement yesterday. The funds will be used to run the Loy9 campaign completing the just-launched series 2, production work for a third series and undertaking a survey of young Cambodians that will explore their knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) around civic engagement, with an emphasis on the media landscape.

  • 05 Mar 2013
    Hit show Loy9 returns to get more young Cambodians involved in community life

    Phnom Penh - A new series of popular youth TV show, Loy9, begins 7 March. The show, aimed at people between the ages of 15 and 24, but designed for the whole family to enjoy, returns on MyTV on Thursday at 6.30pm.

  • 20 Jan 2013
    Siem Reap job fair puts focus on needs for skills improvement

    Siem Reap – When Siem Reap provincial town hosted a job fair in January, the dominant messages were: the province has a lot of potentials to reap benefit from tourism growth and reduce poverty level by improving quality of skills, education and access to accurate labour market information.