Articles and OpEds

  • Just follow the money: radical shifts in development finance May 22, 2017
  • UNDP releases new cookbook with climate-resilient recipes Apr 4, 2017

    UNDP has launched a new cookbook looking at how climate change is affecting food security in developing countries and how communities are adapting their traditional recipes to survive...

  • How Aid Now Works and Why It Still Matters Mar 3, 2017

    Our experts are helping countries plan, budget and implement projects they are funding themselves. In Pakistan we are helping the government embed the sustainable development goals in its plans and budget. Pakistan is committing its own resources to creating jobs and providing access to clean water and quality education. This creates positive and long-lasting change with benefits beyond the country’s borders...

  • More women need to be included in the political process Feb 13, 2017

    In light of the coming local elections this year and the national election in 2018, we urge all participating political parties to adopt and implement policies and procedures that promote greater equality among women and men, particularly in decision-making structures, on political party lists and in funding the campaign of women candidates. A political system that includes women, at the top as well as at the grass roots level, is one that better represents all Cambodians.

  • Building the foundations for inclusive and sustainable economic growth in Cambodia Oct 19, 2016

    In summary, if the returns to labour are to be increased, Cambodia will need to diversify the economy providing productive employment opportunities for the 275,000 youths reaching the working age population annually (ILO, 2008). It also needs to make agriculture more productive to provide higher returns to labour to young people who would remain employed in rural jobs. Lastly, there is a need to enhance long-term savings to build-up financial assets and strengthen household resilience and set the foundations for inclusive and sustainable economic growth...

  • Human capital upgrading in Cambodia: Learning from the East Asian Experience Sep 8, 2016

    It would be tempting to think that Cambodia would need to invest in human capital first before reaping the benefits in terms of economic well-being. Fortunately, the East Asian experience shows that this wasn’t the case. The upgrading of human capital and economic and industrial upgrading wasn’t pursued in a simple linear fashion...

  • Better education and economic opportunities: Towards a life well-valued Jul 12, 2016

    With an average GDP growth of around seven percent in the last decade, Cambodia is much wealthier and has just become a Lower Middle-Income Country. But do people have enough to live the life they value? How much is enough and how can it be measured?

  • It's time to move towards environmental sustainability Jun 6, 2016

    To attain environmental sustainability and sustain Cambodia’s path to development, it is therefore more than timely that the government has recently decided to initiate an environmental governance reform...

  • UNDP Asia Pacific launches #RHDR2016 Twitter Contest Apr 22, 2016

    The UNDP Asia Pacific Bureau today announced a Twitter contest that awards the winners with an internship opportunity. This work experience is professional and academic in nature, offering insight into the substance and daily operations of the United Nations Development Programme world.

  • Cambodia Needs to Seize the Opportunities in Climate Finace Apr 20, 2016

    The government and its development partners need to put in place mechanisms to ensure that programmes impacted by climate change (or those with an impact on climate change) are identified at an early stage and designed accordingly, so that climate funds can be brought into the mix to co-finance these investments.