Articles and OpEds

  • Cambodia sets its eyes on finally being free of landmines Sep 25, 2017

    Cambodia is one of 161 countries that are party to the Mine Ban Treaty. After years of work, parties to the accord decided to redouble their efforts and, in 2014, committed to free the world of mines by the year 2025…

  • Value chains and commodity prices – getting cassava out of the red and into the black Sep 14, 2017

    Cassava farming was never for rich farmers. But at least last year the average price for fresh root at farm was 3.5 cents a kilo. There was hope it would get back into profit at 4.4 cents. It’s now down to 2.6 cents. So why do famers bother? Part of the answer is the famers are in fact seasonal migrant workers, either inside the country or to the neighboring countries such as Thailand. They leave the cassava in the ground for around 10 months to fetch what price it gets when they come home. Unlike rice, it doesn’t take much care during its growing period and cultivation.

  • Youth, we have the capacity and potential to achieve peace Aug 24, 2017

    My name is Athika, a 22-year-old university student and a journalist. My dream is to see people living in peace, happiness and hope. Even though I come from a poor family, as a youth I persist in seeking peace for my society. By participating in different fields of social work, I try to show other young people that we have the capacity and potential to achieve peace...

  • A sustainable kitchen, for people and planet Aug 22, 2017

    We have a pretty good idea of what’s good for us to eat – even if we can’t always resist temptation. But what’s good for the planet? How do our food choices affect the world around us?

  • Prevention of noncommunicable diseases in Cambodia Aug 7, 2017

    The past century witnessed a global revolution in the control of communicable diseases. This was accomplished by improved access to clean water and sanitation, and by applying new scientific knowledge to population-based public health strategies and services, such as universal vaccine coverage to protect children against diseases such as measles and polio. In the 21st Century, the unprecedented rise of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), particularly diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and chronic respiratory disease, pose a new and urgent threat that may overwhelm these gains.

  • Accelerate2030: Scaling ventures in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals Jul 25, 2017

    Three startups are launched every second in the world according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. That’s 11000 an hour. Some focus on extracting petroleum, others on creating solar panels. Plenty build new apps or tech and want to find their niche in Silicon Valley. But what can be said about the small ventures in developing countries, trying to make a positive impact in their communities or country? Every second 3 startups are created. How many of them aim only to serve the people of their community, to make a difference in protecting the environment? But most importantly, who is helping these positive ventures grow? The leading factors for failure are often lack of experience and incompetence, so who is helping...

  • Does 16 June ring a bell? Jun 16, 2017

    In a country such as Cambodia, it is a day that provides an opportunity to pause and reflect on the impact of migrant labour, and how this very 21st century phenomenon is transforming the lives of so many people...

  • Connect with nature and free your mind Jun 5, 2017

    If we spend some time connecting with nature and with communities who depend on those natural resources, we can free our minds, and come back with a deeper appreciation of our fragile natural world. Cambodia is full of natural wonders: celebrate this World Environment Day and make that connection...

  • Just follow the money: radical shifts in development finance May 22, 2017

    There is good reason to be confident that the government can mobilise the required funds to finance the next stage of the country’s development. By working closely with partners, polices and institutions can be strengthened to ensure that all sources of finance contribute to maintaining Cambodia’s high level of growth and increased well-being.

  • UNDP releases new cookbook with climate-resilient recipes Apr 4, 2017

    UNDP has launched a new cookbook looking at how climate change is affecting food security in developing countries and how communities are adapting their traditional recipes to survive...