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  • 10 SDG Solutions for Asia-Pacific Jun 5, 2017

    Entitled “10 Solutions to Help Meet the SDGs,” the report describes large-scale projects in ten countries in the region – Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, the Solomon Islands and Timor Leste – that have demonstrably accelerated progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) contained in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development...

  • Just follow the money: radical shifts in development finance May 22, 2017

    There is good reason to be confident that the government can mobilise the required funds to finance the next stage of the country’s development. By working closely with partners, polices and institutions can be strengthened to ensure that all sources of finance contribute to maintaining Cambodia’s high level of growth and increased well-being.

  • Opening remark by Nick Beresford: International Day for Biological Diversity May 22, 2017

    The United Nations of Development Programme has been a committed partner for the Royal Government of Cambodia, in supporting its national effort for preserving biodiversity and critical ecosystems. We have supported development of a management of Kulen Mountain, and implementation of the Environmental Governance Reform Project and the 3 Rio Conventions project...

  • Secretary-General remarks at the opening of the Belt and Road Forum [as delivered] May 14, 2017

    While the Belt and Road Initiative and the 2030 Agenda are different in their nature and scope, both have sustainable development as the overarching objective. Both strive to create opportunities, global public goods and win-win cooperation. And both aim to deepen “connectivity” across countries and regions: connectivity in infrastructure, trade, finance, policies and, perhaps most important of all, among peoples...

  • Sub-national Consultative Meeting: Draft Phnom Kulen National Park Management Plan Apr 28, 2017

    I’m very pleased to join you in this important sub-national consultative meeting. There are some interesting findings and exciting policy suggestions coming from this work and I look forward to a good discussion today.

  • UNDP releases new cookbook with climate-resilient recipes Apr 4, 2017

    UNDP has launched a new cookbook looking at how climate change is affecting food security in developing countries and how communities are adapting their traditional recipes to survive...

  • Cambodia has region’s fastest growth rate in human development Mar 22, 2017

    From 1990 to 2015, Cambodia’s annual HDI growth rate of 1.84% has outpaced the average in East Asia and the Pacific, currently at 1.35%, making it among the top seven countries in the world with the fastest HDI growth rate...

  • How Aid Now Works and Why It Still Matters Mar 3, 2017

    Our experts are helping countries plan, budget and implement projects they are funding themselves. In Pakistan we are helping the government embed the sustainable development goals in its plans and budget. Pakistan is committing its own resources to creating jobs and providing access to clean water and quality education. This creates positive and long-lasting change with benefits beyond the country’s borders...

  • The Changing Role of UNDP in Asia-Pacific Feb 16, 2017

    I would like to talk about development as part of a solution to the challenges you are discussing, peace and security. While development is not a cure for all ills, it can address some of the root causes of instability and conflict.

  • More women need to be included in the political process Feb 13, 2017

    In light of the coming local elections this year and the national election in 2018, we urge all participating political parties to adopt and implement policies and procedures that promote greater equality among women and men, particularly in decision-making structures, on political party lists and in funding the campaign of women candidates. A political system that includes women, at the top as well as at the grass roots level, is one that better represents all Cambodians.

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