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  • Safer ground: where crops, not landmines, are plantedSafer ground: where crops, not landmines, are plantedSep 30, 2015For many small hold farmers in western Cambodia, farming can be a risky business. Not only are landmines and explosive remnants of war a safety hazard, but they also hinder agricultural productivity which is often a ticket to a better income and greater food security for poor families.

  • In Cambodia, local leaders embrace 'scorecard' as planning toolIn Cambodia, local leaders embrace 'scorecard' as planning toolSep 30, 2015Preah Sihanouk – At their recent meeting, Kampenh commune officials in this coastal province of Cambodia were presented with a spider graph showing status of various development indicators. In the areas of HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases, the commune scored 25 out of 100 points. The obtained point is way below average of 50 and that means, on this front, local officials still have a lot to do in their work plan.

  • Stripped of landmines, land bears fruitStripped of landmines, land bears fruitSep 30, 2015For more than a decade, Khit Sarin and her neighbors lived on a strip of land suspected to be contaminated with landmines in Pailin province. Without enough resources to settle in a safer area, they decided to risk it and stayed on. When a landmine exploded one day in Sarin’s backyard and killed her cow, she contacted the local government and asked for help.