Foster Voice and Participation

In line with Outcome 2 of the Strategic Plan and the recommendations of the governance outcome evaluation, UNDP will support efforts to strengthen mechanisms for realizing commitments to the poor, women, and PWD through their voices, as a means to inform policy formulation and ensure implementation.

Our Goals

In priority MPI provinces, UNDP will collaborate with the RGC and subnational authorities to expand the implementation of the government’s Social Accountability Framework (SAF) mechanisms to promote civil society and community participation and facilitate social provisioning.more

Radio programme to bring voice and encourage participation

Radio anchors for Voice of Persons with Disabilities radio programme host a call-in show. (Photo: Chansok Lay/UNDP Cambodia)more

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Clearing for Results Phase II

    The Clearing for Results-Phase II project intends to bring the national body, the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA), to a higher level. It supports the CMAA’s leadership in implementing the National Mine Action Strategy (NMAS), resulting in resources being allocated to national and local development priorities. The resources will also be used in the enactment of policy frameworks that support increased levels of land released to communities for rural development thereby improving access to economic opportunities and growth.more 

  • Linking Policy and Practice for Accelerating MDG1

    The Linking Policy and Practice for Accelerating MDG1 (LPP) project aims to support policy dialogue on key priorities of the Royal Government of Cambodia’s Rectangular Strategy and National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP). The project will provide evidence-based policy options for inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth; support human capital development and institutional capacity development in selected sectors such as extractive industries and social protection; and the scaling up of effective anti-poverty practice.more 

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