Environment and Energy

Cambodia has a rich bio-diversity, including an array of diverse organisms and forest resource on which many poor people in the countryside depend for livelihood. However, in recent years the forest resource has increasingly come under pressure from economic land utilization. Meanwhile, the country is known to be vulnerable to impacts of climate change due to its low adaptation capacity. Rural populations are most at risk to destructive climatic events such flood and drought.

Our Goals

A major focus is on assisting the government in preparing necessary measures and strategy to deal with climate change. Responding to the emerging challenges posed by climate change and degradation of natural resources, UNDP’s support focuses on: 1) development of climate change policies and financing mechanisms; 2) pro-poor sustainable forest management and REDD+; and 3) community resilience to climate risks and disasters.more

Learning about environment

Villagers look at educational posters about wildlife and forest preservation. (Photo: UNDP Cambodia)

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Projects and Initiatives

Cambodia Community Based Adaptation Programme

The purpose of the Cambodia Community Based Adaptation Programme (CCBAP) is to reduce vulnerability and increase adaptive capacity of the targeted communities to manage the additional risks of climate change. It aims to reduce the vulnerability of Cambodia’s agricultural sector to climate induced changes in water resources availability. more

Cambodia Climate Change Alliance

Cambodia is regarded as one of the most vulnerable countries in the region to the effects of Climate Change. In particular, Cambodia’s high dependence on agriculture, which relies on rainfall, is an example of a key vulnerability. more

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Latest report
CCCA Annual Report 2012

The CCCA programme has seen some major developments in 2012, including significant progress on the development of the Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan (CCCSP) and related sector strategic plans, which are now available in draft form and are going through a consultation process expected to be completed in the first half of 2013. A lot of focus has been put on strengthening relationships between the Climate Change Department (CCD) and other priority Government agencies involved in CCCSP development.

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Climate-proofing fish farming