Cambodia Export Diversification and Expansion Programme (CEDEP) II – Cassava Component

Project Summary

Cambodia Export Diversification and Expansion Programme II (CEDEP II) -Cassava is one component of the Cambodia Export Diversification and Expansion Programme II which is designed based on the Trade Sector Wide Approach (SWAp) to diversify the sources of export from Cambodia. The Cassava project is funded by the Enhanced Integrated Framework, implemented by UNDP Cambodia, and monitored by the Department of International Cooperation of Ministry of Commerce. This component seeks to increase the quality of Cambodia’s cassava production, to improve processing and transformation techniques, to raise the standards of Cambodia’s cassava exporters and their products to meet existing and new market requirements. It endeavors to transform informal exports into more formal exports. It seeks to improve the organization of the Cambodia’s cassava sectors, by encouraging producers, processors and exporters to join forces, in their negotiations with their trading partners as well as with Government. 


The Cassava project compnent focuses on understanding the current condition of Cambodia cassava processing sector, updating the understanding of export opportunities and requirements, and using some of that information to help structure the sector ーif appropriate ー through providing the foundations to organize a cassava processor and exporter association(s). 

The project works with groups of exporters and processors to improve their export readiness through (1) identification of markets, development market contacts, business matching through trade mission and trade fairs; (2) to comply with Santitary and Phytosanitary; and (3) to adopt low costs solution to environmental- friendly processing methods.


2014 -2017
Donor name Amount 
EIF Tier 2 $997.026
UNDP $137,574
Private Sector $128,000
Government  $40,885
           Total $ 1,303,485

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