Partnerships for Development Results II

Project Summary

Partnerships for Development results works to promote the Royal Government of Cambodia’s (RGC) development finance management capacities and partnership practices in order to achieve improved development results. The 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda brings many new challenges and UNDP is supporting the Royal Government to localise the Goals by managing development finance flows and ensuring that resources are aligned with the achievement of sustainable and equitable economic growth. As Cambodia was confirmed as being reclassified as a Lower Middle Income Country in 2016, UNDP is also working with Government and its partners to prepare for graduation from the Least Developed Country group by focusing on promoting trade and economic completeness.

Expected results

  • Government capacity to mobilize and manage all sources of development finance has been strengthened.
  • The Royal Government’s Industrial Development Policy has become an effective tool for coordinating action across Government, and with private actors, to move Cambodia up the global value chain and provide for improved livelihoods for the population.
  • The Government has formulated and implemented its Development Cooperation and Partnerships Strategy to promote effective policy dialogue between all development stakeholders and to align resources with RGC priority programmes.

Who Finances it?

2016 - 2018
Donors Amount 
Australia US$710,732.00
SIDA US$ 342,547.00
USAID US$ 209,235.00
UNDP US$ 290,645.00
Total Budget US$ 1,553,159.00 

Delivery in 2016

The project delivery in 2016 is USD 657,697.60.

Budget Outlook for 2016-2018    
Year Planned Committed/received Funding Gap
2016 US$ 767,326.48  US$ 767,326.48  US$ -
2017 US$ 823,484.04  US$ 695,187.15  US$ 128,296.89 
2018 US$ 909,189.48  US$ 50,000.00  US$ 859,189.48 
Total US$ 2,500,000.00  US$1,512,513.63 

US$ 987,486.37

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