Special MDG for Cambodia Cambodia MDG9


Demining, removing Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) and Victim Assistance

The Royal Government of Cambodia, as one member state of the United Nations General Assembly, is firmly committed to bridging the gap between global commitments and national progress, and between aggregate national and local development outcomes. In 2003, the Government adapted the 8 universally agreed Millennium Development Goals to better suit the realities of the country. Recognizing that one major constraint to development is the continued contamination of mines and explosive remnants of war (ERW), the Government added de-mining, ERW and victim assistance as the ninth major development goal.

Where we are

Deminers in the field
Cambodian de-miners clear lands in North-Western Cambodia. (Photo: UNDP Cambodia)

Overview on Cambodia MDG9

The total area cleared of mines and ERWs in given in Figure 4. These areas are now used for resettlement, agriculture, infrastructure and other purposes. In the 2011, there were 211 mine/ERW casualties, a decrease of 26% mine/ERW casualties compared to 2010.

Cambodia has requested for an extension of time up to 2019, for clearing mine affected areas, estimated at around 648.8 sq. Km. The current targets set for clearing mines have not been achieved owing to paucity of resources.  Sustained financial support and technical inputs will be required to achieve the objectives stated in the NSDP update, 2009-2013. Cambodia has to clear mines on 648.8 sq. Km of mined land and in addition, it has to examine 1,097.8 sq. Km of mine-suspected land through non-technical and technical surveys. To achieve this, Cambodia needs $455 million.

A statement on CMDG 9:

The target is huge and a great deal of extra effort is essential for achieving it.

UNDP's work in Cambodia

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