Cambodia Human Development Report 2000

01 Jan 2001

Report summary

Human development is about improving ordinary people’s lives by enlarging their choices and helping them realize their full human potential. While per capita income is an important aspect of improving people’s lives, it is by no means the only one. Health and education are no less important in judging people’s welfare. The global Human Development Report 2000 additionally includes freedom and human rights in its definition of human development.

In recent years, over 100 countries around the world have issued national human development reports with UNDP support. These reports have played an important role in advocating the cause of human development and people-centered approach to national policy-making. This is the fourth human development report for Cambodia. While the first three Cambodia Human Development Reports were on poverty, gender, and the role of villages in Cambodia’s development, respectively, this Cambodia Human Development Report focuses on the issue of child labor. It documents the magnitude of child labor in Cambodia, and attempts to understand the determinants of child labor within the context of the overall labor market in the country.

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