Cambodia Human Development Report 1997

01 Jan 1998

Report summary

Cambodia is a country in transition. But, unlike other transitional economies that are moving from being command economies to market economies or from a socialist system to a capitalist system, Cambodia is making the transition from reconstruction to development. The country has been mired in conflict and civil war for so long that it has had to initiate reconstruction and rehabilitation of physical and human capital before embarking on economic and human development. However, after nearly five years of reconstruction and rehabilitation, it now appears poised to begin the next phase of development.

This is the first in what is hoped will become a series of human development reports on the country. The objective of this report is to provide a factual overview of human development in Cambodia. Reliable, household survey-based information is one of the key bottlenecks to planning for development in the country. There has not been a census in Cambodia in more than three decades. Until 1993-94, there had not been a nationally-representative, multipurpose household survey for even longer. Thus, there is little information on social and economic indicators that can be used for planning, programming and resource allocation purposes.

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