Annual Report 2008

25 Jun 2009

Report summary

UNDP Cambodia contributed to poverty reduction in key sectors in 2008. Highlights included achievements in the areas of elections, government decentralization, equality between men and women, pro-poor trade, aid effectiveness, climate change and biodiversity conservation.

UNDP worked to support a peaceful election for the National Assembly by educating stakeholders, engaging groups of voters who are traditionally marginalized, and promoting peaceful debate in the media and in face-to-face forums. The first ever Orientation for Members of Parliament was held, and seminars and tours to the provinces helped members become more familiar with the issues facing voters.

Decentralization of government took a major step forward with the adoption of the Organic Law on sub-national administration. UNDP advised on the drafting of the law, ensuring among other things that it took into account disparities between men and women. It also advised on regulations to put the law into effect, new structures under which the provincial and district arms of the national government can support local government, and a 10-year National Programme on Sub-National Democratic Development. Local councils themselves worked together to strengthen their voice at the national level and UNDP supported the delivery of $71 million to improve local governance, including $27 million on developing infrastructure in ways that promote the accountability of councils.

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