• Cambodia National HDR 2000
    Jan 1, 2001

    Human development is about improving ordinary people’s lives by enlarging their choices and helping them realize their full human potential. While per capita income is an important aspect of improving people’s lives, it is by no means the only one. Health and education are no less important in judging people’s welfare. The global Human Development Report 2000 additionally includes freedom and human rights in its definition of human development.

  • Cambodia National HDR 1999
    Jan 1, 2000

    Human development is the process of enlarging people's choices. While income is one of these choices, it is by no means the only one. Health, education, nutrition, access to social services, and individual freedoms are no less important in judging people's welfare.

  • Cambodia National HDR 1998
    Jan 1, 1999

    The idea behind human development is that income or consumption is an essential ingredient in judging people’s welfare, but that it is not the sole end or even a principal measure of that process. What is more important is for people to lead long and healthy lives, to acquire knowledge and to have access to resources needed for a decent standard of living.

  • Cambodia National HDR 1997
    Jan 1, 1998

    Cambodia is a country in transition. But, unlike other transitional economies that are moving from being command economies to market economies or from a socialist system to a capitalist system, Cambodia is making the transition from reconstruction to development. The country has been mired in conflict and civil war for so long that it has had to initiate reconstruction and rehabilitation of physical and human capital before embarking on economic and human development. However, after nearly five years of reconstruction and rehabilitation, it now appears poised to begin the next phase of development.

  • Foster Voice and Participation

    Over 230 government officials, representatives of disabled people’s organizations and national and international non-governmental agencies in Cambodia have received a briefing on the Marrakesh Treaty for blind, visually impaired, and otherwise print disabled people.

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