• Recap of the Cambodia Media Lab
    Sep 12, 2019

    On August 7th, 2019, UNDP convened the first Cambodia Media Lab, bringing together more than 100 of the most inspiring media entrepreneurs and experts from across Cambodia and Asia to discuss how we need to rethink business models and the concept of media itself.

  • Resilient animal raising does matter
    Sep 10, 2019

    Amid loud clucks and quacks, Ms. Sun Pon happily feeds her chickens and ducks. Poised with a grin reaching from ear-to-ear, the 53-year-old widow rises each morning to tend the coop behind her home in Lhong Village, Sronal Commune, Kralanh district. Meanwhile, her son is feeding their frogs, which they raise in car tires closely surrounded by wire netting. The roof to the frog habitat is made from green recycled plastic and old palm leaves, and helps to protect the frogs from the hot Cambodian sun...

  • Kampong Thom: Rehabilitated Canals Doubles Crop Yield and Increases Household Income
    Sep 10, 2019

    Water plays a critical role in the agricultural sector, particularly rice cultivation, making reliable water a necessity for Cambodian farmers. The need for water is very much obvious for those whose rice paddy fields are too remote to access water from its source, especially during the dry spell. While most of Cambodian rural farmers rely heavily on rain-fed rice cultivation, climate change has influenced considerable changes in rain distribution. Building and rehabilitating resilient irrigation schemes to adapt to the changing climate is of critical importance, as it will revitalize agricultural productivity, thereby improving livelihoods.

  • Resilient Agricultural Techniques Revitalises Hope
    Sep 10, 2019

    On a bright and fresh morning, farmer Chot Vith and her husband work together in their backyard garden. Her daughter and son busy themselves by running around the vegetable garden, full of flourishing mustard greens. Her husband gathers water from a nearby well to water their veggies, while she weeds the green mustards. They’re growing nicely and due for harvest any day now.

  • Community Financing Programme is Helping Farmers Adapt to Climate Change
    Sep 10, 2019

    A new financial savings group in Chea Sman village, Prasat Bakang district, is encouraging farmers to save money, invest in climate mitigation agricultural tactics, and increase their capital. The newly formed group from Mean Chey commune in Siem Reap has been selected as a case study to demonstrate successful programme development. Prasat Bakang is one district among five targeted districts in Siem Reap Province (SRP).

  • Rehabilitated Canals in Kampong Thom Help Mitigate Effects of Climate Change
    Sep 10, 2019

    On a very sunny day in Pren village, Prey Kuy commune, Kampong Thom, Mr. Choen Sokhon walks along a rehabilitated canal. The canal covers more than two kilometers, lying in the heart of approximately 800 hectares of ripening rice fields...

  • Cambodia’s Voluntary National Review 2019
  • Accelerator Labs Network Brochure
    Jul 13, 2019

    We Need To Re-Imagine Development For The 21st Century

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