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Dial 1294: UNDP and People in Need expand early warning phone service in Cambodia

Under a project strengthening climate information and early warning systems in Cambodia, the UN Development Programme and NGO People in Need are collaborating again, this time to expand early warning…  

Integrating early warning into upcoming National Action Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction a priority for Cambodia

Frameworks which prevent, not react, to disasters and establishing effective early warning systems have been the focus of a national workshop held in Siem Reap this week.  

Working towards a Circular Economy in Cambodia

The project aims to create a circular economy in Cambodia, which focuses on waste Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling to effectively fight waste problems and plastic pollution. In a circular economy,…  

Mainstreaming Gender in Forest Conservation and Management Efforts

Forests are vital for Cambodia, especially for forest-dependent communities, who are the ones suffering from the primary effects of climate change, forest deforestation and poor land management.  

Taking measures to uproot gender inequality

Forests play a crucial role in mitigating the damaging impacts of climate change and both women and men within rural communities derive direct and indirect benefits from forests and trees in the form…  

UNDP-supported project hands over 53 automatic hydrological and meteorological stations to Cambodia, revolutionizing climate and disaster preparedness

In commemoration of World Meteorological Day 2019 that falls on 23rd March, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Cambodia hands over 24 Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) and 29 Automatic…  

Cambodia, looking to the horizon, prepares for drought

In an effort to reduce the impact of drought on two of Cambodia’s most at-risk provinces, Kampot and Takeo, UNDP Cambodia and DanChurchAid have joined together to establish two new provincial drought…  

Cambodia Climate Change Alliance – Phase 2 (CCCA-II)

Cambodia is consistently ranked among the top ten countries most vulnerable to Climate Change, and among the three most vulnerable in Asia. This is due in large part to a relatively low adaptive…  

Forest Carbon Partnership Facility REDD+ Readiness Project Phase II (FCPF-II)

According to the recent Forest Reference Level (FRL) submission to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (RGC 2017), Cambodia has approximately 8.5 million ha of forest,…  

UNDP and Save the Children join hands to advance school safety and disaster preparedness in Cambodia

In a bid to increase school safety in Cambodia’s most vulnerable communities, UNDP and Save the Children have joined hands in the coastal province of Koh Kong.  

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