Cassava is a root vegetable that gets made into starch and is used in more things than you know...
We recently issued a significant report with them looking at how development financing is going to change over the next few years...
This is an ambitious agenda, but one which the first SDG, the eradication of poverty in all its forms, calls on all nations, and all development actors to deliver on...
Cambodia is one of 161 countries that are party to the Mine Ban Treaty. The parties redoubled their efforts in 2014 and committed to free the world of mines by the year 2025. That’s an ambitious goal for Cambodia, which has cleared only a fraction of its mines...
We are bringing back our feminist roots to activate civil servants and partners to achieve some tangible results...
Cassava farming was never for rich farmers. Last year the average price for fresh root at farm is now down to 2.6 cents.
As the Head of Chumpu Khmao Community Fishery, Sao Theang and his community already make a good living from shrimp, fish, mussels and other plentiful aquaculture.

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15.6 M

Population (2015)

13.5 %

Poverty rate (2014)

1215 (USD)

GDP per capita (2015)

143 / 188

Human Dev. Index (2016)

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